Our Founder

A well noted educator and author, Natalie Elman, Ph.D. is founder of The Summit Center for Learning. Drawing upon two decades of experience as an educator, Dr. Elman has developed a dynamic social skills training program, unique learning strategies, and teaching methods that are on the cutting edge of educational advancement. Her theories are currently espoused in a number of educational texts: The Resource Room Primer, The Special Educator’s Almanac, Super Sayings: Super Ways to Teach Idioms to Kids, The Unwritten Rules of Friendship, Putting Your Best Foot Forward and Keeping it Out of Your Mouth (a social skill book for adults currently in press), and many published articles in a variety of periodicals.

Dr. Elman has extensive experience working with private and public educators, psychologists and physicians to develop better school and home management programs. She is the authority on creating overall learning success.

A certified learning consultant, special educator, and speech pathologist, Dr. Elman has been guest speaker on numerous television and radio broadcasts, including the CBS Morning Show, to address educational issues. She has served as an adjunct instructor at the Rutgers University School of Education. If you would like to inquire about having Dr. Elman as a guest speaker at your school or organization, please use our contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Natalie Elman