Our Philosophy

“Kids Come First!”

While we can’t offer milk and cookies each day, our staff warmly welcomes each child.  With a tailor-made program designed to meet their needs, success is sure to follow.  We pride ourselves in providing effective, cutting edge testing and social  skills coaching while developing an ongoing relationship with every parent and child we see.

Whether we are providing social skills coaching or a comprehensive battery of psycho-educational tests, “Kids come first!”  This is not just a slogan here, but is reflected in all that we do.

Learning evaluations include a consultation with parents and, whenever possible, the school, to determine the best testing tools available for each student.  Testing is done by certified personnel in a quiet, encouraging, environment.  Feedback conferences are provided shortly after evaluations in order to help parents better understand the needs of their child and recommend follow-up steps for success.

The needs of each child who enters our doors is paramount, the most dedicated and skilled staff are on board to serve him or her.  Consistent consultations between parents, teachers and our professionals are ongoing throughout the process.